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  • What Is Radiaderm R1 & R2™?
    R1 & R2 is a two-step skin care system to defend your skin during and after radiotherapy. R1 is a Cooling Gel and R2 is a Soothing Lotion. R1 & R2 was developed to provide defence against the skin effects of radiotherapy. It also provides relief and protection for your skin while improving comfort throughout radiation treatment. R1 & R2 helps to provide defence from Day 1 of radiation treatment, before any skin changes are visible.
  • How Does R1 Cooling Gel Work?
    R1 Cooling Gel is Step 1 of the system and provides intense hydration to your skin. It will also provide cooling relief for skin discomfort and irritation that may occur. Directions: Apply a generous layer to the affected area each day following your radiotherapy. It is best to apply the gel as soon as it is reasonably practical for you. Do not rub into skin. The gel is most effective when applied in a thick layer and allowed to remain in contact with the skin for a minimum of 20 minutes. Any residue may be gently removed.
  • How Does R2 Soothing Lotion Work?
    R2 Soothing Lotion is Step 2 of the system and adds needed moisture throughout the day and night. It contains Lactokine, which helps build the skin’s defense, so that skin can recover faster. R2 Soothing Lotion also contains both UVA/UVB stabilisers that reinforce the skin’s natural barrier by helping to defend the formation of free radicals caused by UV exposure, sun exposure should be limited as much as possible. Directions: Apply to skin 3-4 times a day including at night-time. Apply sparingly and evenly. Re-apply after towel drying, swimming, or sweating.
  • When should I start to use Radiaderm R1 & R2?
    For best results, use Radiaderm immediately following your first therapy session
  • What Is Lactokine™ Fluid?
    Lactokine is a clinically tested milk-based fluid that has been used in personal care products for over 15 years. It is a skin conditioning agent which assists in the reduction of redness.
  • How is R1 & R2 packaged?
    Both R1 Cooling Gel and R2 Soothing Lotion are provided in 120ml ( 4 fl.oz ) tubes. One system pack will contain 1 x R1 120ml and 1 x R2 120ml
  • Will R1 & R2 Last Throughout My Radiation Treatment?
    This is entirely dependent upon the size of the treatment area. Both products are supplied as a system, R2 is also supplied separately so that you can continue to protect, moisturise and nurture your skin after your radiotherapy.
  • I’m Lactose Intolerant. Can I Use R1 & R2?
    R1 & R2 is for topical use only and should not be ingested. If you are sensitive to the topical use of milk proteins, consult your physician.
  • Can R1 & R2 Be Used on All Types of Skin?
    Yes, both R1 Cooling Gel and R2 Soothing Lotion can be used on all skin types anywhere on the surface where the skin is being treated with radiation
  • Should I Wash the R2 Soothing Lotion Off Before I Have My Radiation Treatment?
    Yes, the skin in your treatment area should be free of all product,including R1 and R2. Do not apply R2 in the four hours before your radiation treatment.
  • Do I have to wait a certain amount of time to apply R2 Soothing Lotion after I have finished applying R1 Cooling Gel?
    After you have applied R1 for a minimum of 20 minutes, wipe off any residual that has not been absorbed. Then you can immediately apply R2. It is important to make sure you apply R2 up to four times during the day to continue to provide moisturising and skin protecting benefits throughout the day and night.
  • I schedule my radiation treatments around my work schedule and don’t have 20 minutes immediately following radiation therapy to apply R1 Cooling Gel. What should I do?
    If you can’t apply it immediately following your radiation treatment, apply R1 Cooling Gel as soon as you have a short block of time (not longer than four hours after your treatment) in which you can leave the irradiated area uncovered (minimum of 20 minutes). It will provide extra hydration and contains Lactokine™. As you go through your treatment, it will also help soothe and relieve the discomfort from any skin changes that may occur.
  • Can I use R1 & R2 on an “open wound”?
    Radiaderm R1 & R2 System is not a sterile product, therefore it is not recommended for use on skin with open wounds. Please consult your physician for the proper way to treat affected areas with open wounds.
  • Does R1 R2 have a UK PIP Code?
    Yes, the PIP code is 423-9604
  • What Are Common Skin Changes During Radiation Therapy?
    Changes to the skin can happen on any part of the body that gets radiation, and a majority of patients will experience some of these changes during their radiation treatments. Common skin reactions may include: -Redness that may look as if you have a mild to severe sunburn or tan -Pruritus (itching) and potential skin breakdown or infection from scratching -Dry and peeling skin -Sores -Swollen skin

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